Custom Brushes Experiment

Making a custom brushes in Adobe Photoshop is simple and can be made from nearly any shape or image. Granted nearly anything can be created using the default brushes provided, custom brushes give you the power. Control, efficiency, and originality to your digital paintings are just a few of the benefits. I have found that it is common to make a brush for a particular task, only to find that it works in a completely different manner than expected.

The following was one of my first experiments with custom brushes in which I simply continued to pull whatever images I saw and felt with these new brushes.

Brush #1 is a wide fill brush that has better control when used with a lower opacity. If angled, the opaque brush works well in creating a base composition.

Brush #2 has a nice feathery texture to it. I originally thought it would work well for round ruffled feathers. However, I liked it more for the brush stroke look that is provides when colors are roughly blended.

I thought brush #3 would help add some soft lighting textures, but it seemed to work best for creating blurred lines. The scratchiness of the brush works with the shape dynamics preset pen pressure to create movement.

Brush #4 worked well at about 20% opacity to create a impressionist-like paint texture that carries light well and gives a soft or hazy appearance to the image.

Brush #5 is definitely a texture brush that can be used to make a fuzzy, electric, bush like texture. Lowering the opacity and changing colors often, provides for quick, chaotic foliage.

Brush #6 works well for jagged line and fill work.
Brush #7 was made in an attempt to paint the dock in a brush of its shape, but also worked well to add texture to the worn path at the bottom left of the image.

Final Outcome

A little color correction and this was my final piece. Nothing special, but definitely some unique textures at work here that I can take advantage of in the future.

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