Johnny Love

This digital painting was a personal project that played on the re-purpose of the famous American folk hero Johnny Appleseed, but instead of planting apple seeds he is spreading love across a politically and socially divided nation. A rough pose of the character was made in a 3d software and then brought into Photoshop where a light roto-scope was used to capture the general form using a Wacom tablet. My approach to this painting was to use solid colors with a hard round brush at 100% opacity. I then used some of my favorite techniques to add texture overlays to the different elements and added bold black lines to define the form and movement of the character. The background and foreground were done in very quick fashion to ensure their was no distraction from the focal point of the image.

This piece was showcased at the Light Plus Energy Equals Art Showcase at the Emy Frentz Gallery in Mankato, MN presented by Rasmussen College.

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