Red Eye Disc Golf

This vector illustration was commissioned by Red Eye Disc Golf out of Missouri, USA. The request was to have a skeleton hand holding an eyeball inside a yin yang surrounded by chains made of bones. The initial use of the image was to be foil stamped onto golf discs.

Using my own hand and some props I took many photos of how the hand would be positioned so that it would fit properly into the unique shape. Using Photoshop I place the images into the outline of a yin yang until the correct composition was found. I quickly roto-scoped over the image of my hand pulling out where the major bones would be positioned. Finally, the image was taken into Illustrator where most of the work took place. Being that the eye was the focal point, I spent most of my time playing with the shape and lighting. Due to the strict requirements of the medium, minimal black space was allowed, so the chaotic and almost tribal texture was added to provide interest.

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