Vive TV Broadcast Package

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This was a school project that was created using Adobe After Effects, Illustrator and Audition. All of the animation and cinematography is original. The music and sound effects were obtained at and then cut, modified, or used as is.

What is Vive TV?
A fictitious network that is geared towards young adults aged 13 to 18. The type of programming it runs is kids shows, cartoons and family-friendly fare. The branding will be bright, high energy, vibrant and fun through the use of movement, color, and music.

Lower Third
The lower third uses the primary Vive TV colors. The fields casually slide out from the logo as if they are an extended shadow of the letter V. Black and white are used for the text to ensure high contrast.

Up Next
The “Up Next” bumper features a mix of animation and real-life video to tell a simple story. The frog character has a slight relation to the show advertised, and the colors fit with the predetermined brand identity.

The Vive TV Bumper is meant to provide evergy and repitition to draw the user in for the logo presentation. It is meant to be engaging yet silly, by getting their attention through the use of color, movement, and music.

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