Vector Art

What is Vector Art?

Vector art is created using a vector graphics software such as Adobe Illustrator. Rather than storing the images information with individuals pixels, the software stores the mathematical relationship of various shapes, lines, and points. Vector files are the preferred file type for any form of printing, especially large format. An images integrity will not be compromised when it is enlarged or modified.

I find vector art to be extremely rewarding in that logic and math can be applied to shapes that are either meticulously or sporadically created to achieve the desired appearance. Line, shape, and color work together to simplify light and let our brains fill in the blanks. Efficiency and organization are key components to this process being successful.

Starting in Vector is a Must

It is highly recommended that any company big or small start out with a logo that is in vector format. Creating your logo in a raster software like Photoshop will bring about issues when you are ready to print. Anything from business cards to billboards will have a better quality print. Many mediums, such as vinyl cut-outs, require a vector file in order for the machine to function properly. A logo will need to be redrawn or recreated entirely in order to convert it to a vector format if it was first created in a raster format initially.

Published Work

In 2017, I was humbly honored to be recognized in Bézier Volume.1: The Best Vector Artists Worldwide.
Bézier Volume.1: The Best Vector Artists Worldwide pages 138-139 featuring Tyler McNair's vector art
This validation of my efforts was truly an honor and continues to motivate me to push all aspects of my work to the next level.

Please contact me if you are in need of new vector artwork or any conversion to vector from a raster file (jpeg,png,gif).

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